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If you support the need for anti-racism education here in Gorham, we need your help. It’s becoming crucial that your voice is heard in Gorham’s next Town Council Meeting.  


On Tuesday September 1st  at 6:30pm, we are up for round #2 of the proposed and delayed Anti-Racism Town Resolution.  Gorham alumni and students have worked tirelessly for the last 3 months with town officials, the Gorham Police Department and Gorham community members to ensure a resolution that feels fair and just.  Supporters feel this has taken way too long and we are experiencing more and more push back.

Since pushing the Anti-Racism Town Resolution Gorham’s BLM supporters have experienced attacks, threats, damaged and stolen property.  We need to take a stand for our community and the children we are raising within it. 

There are two ways to help combat racism this week.  Please join us in making a change. 

1. Submit an email letter of support.

Email your letter of support for the Anti-Racism Town Resolution to ALL Elected Town Officials (see full list below). We encourage all emails to be sent as soon as possible giving Town Council ample time to consider your feedback. 

Email Subject Line: Letter of Support Anti-Racism Town Resolution

Ron Shepard: Janet Kuech: James Hager: Virginia Wilder-Cross: Ben Hartwell: Suzanne Phillips: Lee Pratt:

2. Submitting A Virtual Public Comment  (Please Note: You will not be seen on screen)

Submitting a public comment can seem intimidating and scary. Especially as we all try to navigate a new virtual world.We’ve broken down speaking out to 4 easy steps!

1. Pre-write a brief statement of why adopting the Anti-Racism Resolution is important to you. Include your name and address. 

2. When Public Comment opens immediately “RAISE YOUR HAND”. 

3. Wait for your name to be called and the Council will unmute you. 

4. Share your pre-written letter/statement. During ‘Public Comment’ click on the ‘RAISE YOUR HAND’ button on your personal mobile device or computer.  Doing this is equivalent to ‘lining up’ for public comment in person. Wait to be called on and the Council will unmute you. 


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