About Us

GARD (Gorham’s Anti-Racism Development) is a community based organization that is dedicated to creating an environment actively engaged in anti-racism, cultural and bias education as well as expanding our diversity and inclusion practices to ensure a town where everyone feels safe and celebrated.



 I choose to be a G.A.R.D coordinator because of both backgrounds of being a person of color as well as my experiences with Seeds of Peace and dialogue sessions. After organizing the Gorham BLM protests/marches I wanted to help create a safe place where people can get the support they need but also take action in their own communities

Kyle Ouillette

Hey there!

My name is Tatiana Jonk I have lived In Gorham, ME for 2yrs. I am GHS student involved in almost every club possible ! :)

I am originally from Colombia.

Being part of  G.A.R.D has given me a chance to work with a lot of great people from  the Gorham community to create a more  safe, fun, and welcoming community! 

Being Latina has encouraged me to lead by example and advocate for positive change in our world today. 

#EVERYONEmatters #BLM #WErALLequall

Kneeling Protestors
Anas Beshir 

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Anas. Son of Sulafa and Mohammed. Resident of Gorhamshire. Seeker of wisdom. Lord of crossovers and breaker of ankles (iykyk) . Lover of a good laugh and some quality time. Work-in-progress. Follower of the direct, unwavering, just way.

Mariam Beshir 

Mariam Beshir is a Graduate of Gorham High School and is one of the co-founders of G.A.R.D. She also conducts two G.A.R.D. Action Groups on Sundays and Wednesdays. Beshir currently attends SMCC and has dreams of pursuing a career in the medical field  in an effort to prevent discrimination within health care. 


Kristi Grand is an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Director, Choreographer, Actor, Set and Costume Designer, Youth Counselor and Community Human Rights Activist who has worked her whole life in and around the stage. Growing up as a competitive dancer, Kristi quickly became the choreographer of both a southern and northern California based theater program at the very young age of 16 and continued Choreographing and Directing for many programs throughout California for the last 28 years.  Newly transported to Maine in 2019, Kristi is a current resident of Gorham, with a student at USM and Narragansett Elementary.  With a double major in Theater and Child Psychology Kristi has a gift of mixing Art with Heart and is absolutely honored to be working beside GARD organizers to foster and nurture a community where every person young or young at heart can feel safe and celebrated.